Marc Bell (cartoonist)

Marc Bell

Artist at work; A photo of Marc Bell taken at the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam, February 25, 2004

Marc Bell
1971 (1971)
London, Ontario




Notable works

Shrimpy and Paul and Friends, Hot Potatoe, Pure Pajamas, Stroppy

Marc Bell (born 1971 in London, Ontario) is a Canadian cartoonist and artist. He was initially known for creating comic strips (such as Shrimpy and Paul), but Bell has also created several exhibitions of his mixed media work and watercoloured drawings. Hot Potatoe [sic], a monograph of his work, was released in 2009. His comics have appeared in many Canadian weeklies, Vice, and LA Weekly. He has been published in numerous anthologies, such as Kramers Ergot and The Ganzfeld.


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Boof, 1992, Caliber Press (Plymouth, MI)
Hep, 1993, Caliber Press (Plymouth, MI)
The Mojo Action Companion Unit Vol.2 #1, 1997, Exclaim! (Toronto, ON)
Shrimpy and Paul and Friends, 2003, Highwater Books (Brooklyn, NY)
Worn Tuff Elbow #1, 2004, Fantagraphics (Seattle, WA)
The Stacks, 2004, Drawn & Quarterly (Montreal, PQ)
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Hot Potatoe [sic], 2009, Drawn & Quarterly (Montreal, PQ)
Kelp Stingray (with Matthew Thurber), 2009, Nieves (Zurich, CH)
Shrimpy et Paul, 2010, Editions Cornélius (Paris, FR)
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Boutique Mag, 2014, Colour Code Printing (Toronto, ON)
Stroppy, 2015, Drawn & Quarterly (Montreal, PQ)

Anthology work[edit]

Rosetta, “He Works Inside the Condiment Dispenser”, 2002, Alternative Comics (Gainsville, FL), 4 endflaps on covers
L’enfance Dub Cyclope 2, “Il N’Y A Pas D’Issue!”, Zone Convective (Montreal PQ), 10 page