.43 Spanish

Spanish military cartridge that came out in 1871, replacing the Reformado cartridge. It was chambered in the Remington Rolling Block and was fairly popular, being used in some South American countries. The Rolling Block is a sturdy rifle and the .43 Spanish is capable of good accuracy. There were a couple of variations of this cartridge so if in doubt take a chamber cast.
HDS makes brass and bullets. Bullet weights are generally 340, 370 and 385 grains. Black or smokeless powder loads can be used if you are careful. While a good gun, most are over 100 years old so have any new purchases checked by a gunsmith and load accordingly.

.43 Spanish
11mm Spanish
11.15×58mmR Spanish Remington
U.M.C. 43-77



Neck diameter

Overall length
2.845 in

Primer type

The .43 Spanish was a centerfire firearms cartridge. The .43 Spanish was adopted about 1867,[citation needed] and was used in early rolling block rifles that Remington manufactured for the government of Spain.[citation needed] The cartridge is also referred to as “11mm Spanish”, and identical cartridges for the US Peabody rifle were marked “U.M.C. 43-77”.[2]
In 1869 the Spanish government put in an order for 10,000 rifles in this chambering.[3] The Spanish military version of the cartridge was later upgraded in 1889 to a “heavier, brass-jacketed reformado bullet”.[4]


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Firearms chambered[edit]

Argentine Modelo 1879, rifle and carbine[1]
1869 Spanish Peabody[5]
Whitney–Burgess–Morse lever-action rifle (military version)[6]
Model 1879 Remington–Lee[7]


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Shooting the .43 Spanish Rolling Block. Croft Barker, Cistern Publishing 2003. ISBN 0971512833